Help Others,
Help Yourself

Helping other people can have a really positive impact on your mental wellbeing.

We are launching our Help Others, Help Yourself Campaign! We will be advertising different charities every week on our Facebook page and we will update our list of all the charities who have offered positions on this page.


Headucate is a newly-founded mental-health society, which acts like Access/Outreach but for mental health.

Volunteers and members of the society go out to secondary schools across Cambridgeshire to give workshops on mental health awareness and set up support & signposting structures within the schools, such as pupils as Welfare Officers for their peers. This is a great initiative as 50% of lifelong mental illnesses are already established by age 14, but only 5-10% of these pupils seek help while at secondary school. There's such strong support for mental-health de-stigmatisation across Cambridge students, so join Headucate to help transform this into real action!

Headucate will be running their first workshops in schools this term, as well as holding elections for additional roles on committee. If you would like to run workshops in schools to help raise awareness and help destigmatise mental health, get in touch!

How many hours: After an initial 2-hour training session, we envisage 2-3 school visits each term. Each workshop should take one hour with 30 minutes for set up and clear up. Additional time may be spent learning the material to be presented at schools.

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