our committee.

Our committee is made up of a number of roles and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization.

We seek to be easily approachable should anyone wish to contact us. All our members can be found below with their listed position, a few contact buttons and a short introduction! If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of us.



I got involved in SMC in first year as a college rep because I have always cared about mental wellbeing and I wanted to make a difference in my college. Since then I have become more and more involved in mental health advocacy, as College Rep Coordinator last year and President this year. As President, my role is to oversee the general running of the committee and give direction to the work we do. Through SMC, I have really enjoyed meeting some amazing people who are working as part of the committee or as college reps to improve student wellbeing! If you have any ideas or issues that you would like SMC to help with, please get in touch with me directly or through the SMC email!



I have always been passionate about mental health, having seen its effect on myself and others. I took my first chance to make a difference by becoming a college rep, and was then very privileged to become the Social Media Co-Ordinator in my second year, and even luckier to be elected Vice President for 2018-19. As Vice President, my role is to assist the President in checking everything is running smoothly, helping to head up campaigns, and help all Committee members fulfill their roles. As part of SMC, I have enjoyed expanding our reach at the University, getting us some local media recognition, and being part of some really ambitious and successful projects. Please feel free to email me at any time with any queries as I am very responsive!
Pronouns: she/her



I've always seen the importance of mental health but have become more and more passionate about it since being at university. This is my first year being involved with SMC. My role includes looking after the accounts and admin to help everything run smoothly, but I'm also looking forward to contributing ideas and helping with the delivery of events and campaigns.


University Liaison Officer

I wanted to work with SMC this year because, after three years in Cambridge, I have realised how important mental health is, and how much difference Student Minds can make to this! As a fourth-year medic, previous college Sexual Health Rep, and an individual who has both suffered from mental health issues and witnessed my friends do the same, I have a wide experience base and a really strong drive for action. In my role, I’ll be working with people and committees from the University to connect Student Minds Cambridge - and the student body that we aim to represent - with higher-ups in the system to ensure that we can achieve our wide-ranging and exciting goals. I’m more than happy to try my best to champion any specific mental health concerns you have and represent them to the University, so please feel free to get in touch with me if there are any areas or issues you think should be addressed in this manner!


Co-Head of Events

Having seen the effects of mental health and illness on my friends and family, I decided to get involved with SMC this year. I will be one of the two Events Officers, and as such will be responsible for the organisation of our events, from introduction sessions in Fresher’s week to puppy therapy in Easter term. While it will be my first time on the committee, I’m excited to bring experience from other roles I’ve held, both during my time at Cambridge and during my Year Abroad, in order to help promote the work of SMC and put on generally fun and useful events for Cam students. If you have any requests or queries regarding all things event related, feel free to drop me an email!


Co-Head of Events

I’m excited to help organise events for Student Minds Cambridge because welfare events are important to give students a break from work and take some time out for themselves. I care deeply about mental health issues and understand that the university environment can be very difficult, which is why I admire the work that Student Minds do and the fact that the group is so welcoming and forthcoming with help for students. I feel very lucky to be on the committee this year, and as co- events coordinator I will make sure there are a range of activities representing different interests, as well as making the group as visible as possible. If you have any ideas or concerns about events, please get in touch with myself or Amy.


BME Officer

Before coming to Cambridge, mental health was not something that was really spoken much about either at school or at home. Since coming to Cambridge, I have become more involved and passionate about raising mental health awareness and the importance of breaking the stigma when it comes to talking about mental health. Being biracial, I noticed growing up how one half of me was more represented in issues such as these, and also how BME experiences may sometimes differ to those presented in social media and be unique depending on the specific community within this diverse group. As BME Officer I hope to create a safe space where BME experiences are represented and to raise awareness of mental health in the BME community. If you have any questions about BME mental health in Cambridge or just want a chat about what’s happening this term or have something you’re interested in doing please don’t hesitate to message/email me!


LGBTQ+ Officer

Mental health has been a growing issue for me in the last couple of years as it has for many students and young people, and my own experience has convinced me that mental health activism is incredibly important. Questions of gender and sexual identity are often linked to mental health issues. I myself identify as pan and have grown up surrounded by queer friends who have struggled with their mental health, in ways that are often closely tied to their identity; my role on the committee is to make sure that everything we do is inclusive, and geared towards the LGBT+ community as well as the larger student community. If you have any queries (see what I did there?) related to LGBT+ mental health issues, and think that there’s anything that needs to be discussed or made more inclusive, please do get in touch!


Publicity and Communications Officer

I am of the mindset that maintaining your mental health should be a priority for everyone, whether you’re managing a mental illness or trying to reduce work-related stress. On my Year Abroad, I became very aware of the importance of having a strong support network, so coming back to Cambridge, I am thrilled to be getting involved with Student Minds Cambridge to raise awareness of mental health issues and advocate for better mental health support services at Cambridge. I will be the Publicity and Communications Officer for Student Minds Cambridge, and I can’t wait to get stuck into managing the Student Minds Blog (coming soon!), writing press releases and helping to develop new campaigns. If you have a great idea about how we can be raising awareness about mental health, please do get in touch!


Mens Officer

Mental health can define our experience at university, as many Cambridge students will be well aware. Men, in particular, often struggle to find a voice for mental health issues and suffer in silence. As Men's Mental Health Officer, my job is to raise awareness of the struggles that so many male students face in Cambridge and try to encourage more men to seek help when needed. I’m looking forward to running several campaigns this year relating to men’s mental health. If you have any questions about men’s mental health and resources available, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Social Media Coordinator

Throughout secondary school, the topic of mental health rarely was discussed, however since coming to university it became much more widely talked about and something I felt I could finally be involved in. Half way through my second year, I became a College Rep; organising discussion groups, chill nights and photo campaigns in college, hoping to help create an open environment for discussion and alleviate stigma among students. This year, I will be running the Student Minds Cambridge Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, which provide information of upcoming events and campaigns, along with various other forums where students can seek help or guidance. If you wish to run anything by me social media related, please don’t hesitate to be in touch!


Webmaster and Graphics Designer

My first two years at Cambridge have made me come to realise how significant the issue of mental health is for many students, and how much more we can do to address it. Having been a college rep last year, I decided that this year I would love to have a much deeper impact and involvement, and will be joining the committee as Webmaster and Graphics Designer. On our website you can find information about us, our campaigns and how you can get involved, and don’t forget we also have the fantastic resource that is our support guide - for anyone that may be struggling or just wants to find out more. I look forward to keeping these resources useful, interesting and up to date, and please don't hesitate to get in touch with any queries or suggestions!


International Officer

Growing up in Pakistan, where mental health resources are scarce, I always felt really strongly about mental health issues. This only increased after starting university; for international students, many aspects of the Cambridge bubble take time to get used to and issues of homesickness and culture shock are common. I'm very excited to be the International Officer for this year and to ensure that international students are provided with the support they need to face their problems. Whether this be through organizing international student meet-ups in Easter break when you feel like you're the only one staying in college or passing on lists of cultural food shops in Cambridge (we all know how much we miss home food), I'm looking forward to see where this role takes me! If you have any questions or ideas, whether as a prospective or current student, please feel free to email me!


Creative Director

Few people can claim to have never encountered mental health issues at some point in their life, especially at Cambridge. Student Minds is a great vehicle for sharing advice, encouraging openness, and agitating for better provision for those suffering from mental health issues. As Creative Director, my job is to provide a consistent, engaging, warm aesthetic to the SMC’s activities to draw as many eyes to the campaign as possible.


College Rep Coordinator

I decided to get involved with SMC this year after struggling with mental health myself and seeing my friends struggling, particularly at Cambridge. I’m very excited to be one of the Rep Co-ordinators so will be in contact with all the college reps throughout the year to support any campaigns they want to do and keep them up to date with what we’re doing on the committee and ways they can help support university-wide campaigns. I’m looking forward to using my experience as a previous JCR Welfare officer and other Welfare positions I hold this year to improve mental health support across colleges. If you’d like to be a college rep in the coming year or have any ideas/questions, feel free to email me!
Pronouns: she/her


College Rep Coordinator

Having seen the effect of declining mental health on friends, as well as on myself, I decided to become a college rep from my second year as I wanted to actively help those facing difficulties. From last year I took an unexpected year out from my studies, in which I discovered a major cause of my mental health issues was a treatable, physical illness, so am very excited to be returning to Cambridge having learnt from my experiences over the past year, and continue spreading awareness about mental health. As one of the Rep Co-ordinators, it’s our job to be a liaison between the committee and the College reps, and ensure that everyone is aware of the latest plans and campaigns we are running. Being a rep is a great, low commitment way to get involved and make a difference in mental health welfare in Cambridge, so please do contact me if you’re interested in (or have any questions about) becoming a College rep!