our committee.

Our committee is made up of a number of roles and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization.

We seek to be easily approachable should anyone wish to contact us. All our members can be found below with their listed position, a few contact buttons and a short introduction! If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of us.



Subject/College: Economics/Trinity
Role within SMC: President - I lead our committee, with Olivia, and act as a medium between Student Minds Cambridge and the wider national health charity. I work alongside a lot of roles, and try to make sure that we can do as much in the way of positive impact as we can at Cambridge!
Other societies: Cambridge University Hindu Cultural Society, Cambridge University Marshall Society.
Hobbies/Passions/Interests: Photography, Haikus, and playing Badminton really badly
What’s your favourite yoga pose? Surya Namaskara
What’s your favourite spot in Cambridge and why? Indigo Cafe - it has delicious sandwiches and the most wholesome vibe!



Subject/College: 4th year Medicine/Corpus
Role within SMC: Vice President. Together with Gautam I make sure that the committee runs smoothly and that all of the committee members are able to fulfil their roles.
Other societies: I was Welfare Officer then VP of Corpus JCR over the past two years, now I dance with CUDT beginner’s team and row with college.
Hobbies/Passions/Interests: Watching TV (Bake-off and Strictly are the highlights of my week), eating breakfast food (porridge all day, every day)
What’s your favourite yoga pose? Upward-Facing Dog (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana)- I like to think I look as cool as my dog when he gets up in the morning (not possible- my dog is the coolest)
What’s your favourite spot in Cambridge and why? Hot numbers on Trumpington Street- best coffee in Cambridge!



Subject/College: MML/Magdalene
Role within SMC: Events Officer
Other societies: Magdalene FemSoc
Hobbies/Passions/Interests: reading!!!! tea, dancing, Friends, yoga, toast, Guilty Feminist and Literary Friction podcasts
What’s your favourite yoga pose?: Child’s pose!
What’s your favourite spot in Cambridge and why?: Magdalene Village, or John’s by the river, or Waterstones, or The Backs… all beautiful and calm!



Subject/College: History/Peterhouse
Role within SMC: Events Officer - so I arrange activities which either aim to raise money for the charity, or which are focused on wellness.
Other societies: I’m the Head of Publicity for Clio, and Access Officer for the Cambridge Union
Hobbies/Passions/Interests: I enjoy gardening, watching films and learning languages. At the moment, I’m teaching myself Norwegian
What’s your favourite yoga pose?: The boat
What’s your favourite spot in Cambridge and why?: The Botanic Garden Centre, because I love flowers.



Subject/College: Chemical Engineering/King's
Role within SMC: BME Officer
Other societies: News Correspondent for Varsity News, Camp Director at Oxbridge Summer Camps, Production Manager for The King's Affair
Hobbies/Passions/Interests: running, writing, playing music, languages
What’s your favourite yoga pose? Downward dog
What’s your favourite spot in Cambridge and why? The King's Back Lawn (because cute cows!!)



Subject/College: Philosophy/Selwyn
Role within SMC: LGBT+ Officer
Other societies: JCR President, Project Access
Hobbies/Passions/Interests: Running, techno music and cooking (if not always successfully!).
What’s your favourite yoga pose? Upward-facing dog.
What’s your favourite spot in Cambridge and why? The stretch of fields between Selwyn and Coton, a village on the outskirts of Cambridge. It’s where I go running, and just feels like you’ve completely escaped from the Cambridge bubble!



Subject/College: Medicine/Wolfson
Role within SMC: Male Mental Health Officer - Highlighting the role that masculinity plays in mental health and wellbeing amongst students in Cambridge.
Other societies: Amateur Boxing Club, Psychiatry Society, Graduate MedSoc, BMA
Hobbies/Passions/Interests: Boxing, climbing, hiking, seshing.
What’s your favourite yoga pose? Need to get more into yoga to answer this but I can do a pretty solid ‘Happy Cat’ and ‘Sad Cat’.
What’s your favourite spot in Cambridge and why? Grantchester Meadows for a peaceful stroll out of the Cambridge Bubble.



Subject/College: English, Jesus
Role within SMC: Disabled Students’ Officer - Disabled students often experience mental health in a way that combines with and is worsened by their other conditions. I recently spoke on a panel on the intersection between mental and physical health in my role. I make sure that we are putting on a wide variety of events so that it is possible for all students to experience some of what SMC has to offer!
Other societies: JCSU Mental Health and Disabilities Officer (until the end of 2019!); Lower Boats Captain for JCBC, a mediocre rower, and an even worse cox!; Cambridge Union Deputy for Regular Ents, Festival Director for the John Hughes Arts Festival
Hobbies/Passions/Interests: Music!!! And sleeping.
What’s your favourite yoga pose? One of the ones where I get to lie down (do they have those in yoga?)
What’s your favourite spot in Cambridge and why? The Jesus College Cafe is the best place, I’m there at least five hours a day whoops. Or the UL.



Subject/College: PBS/Robinson
Role within SMC: International Officer - promoting mental health awareness among international students, making sure they have access to MH resources and support in the university
Other societies: Cambridge University Chinese Society, Psychology Society, Peer2Peer, CATS rep
Hobbies/Passions/Interests: Hiking, boxing (amateur), watching and listening to beatbox performances, food-hunting, taking pictures of the sky and trees (weird obsession, I know...)
What’s your favourite yoga pose? Bhujangasana (back-bending)
What’s your favourite spot in Cambridge and why? Graduate Cafe - comfy and has stress-relieving views.


Year Abroad

Subject/College: HSPS/Selwyn College
Role within SMC: Year Abroad Officer
Other societies: Student Community Action, UNICEF rep, RAG rep, Cambridge Hub, CDI
Hobbies/Passions/Interests: Travelling, watching movies (especially in theatre!) and tv shows (especially in my bed!), exploring new cafes/bakeries (+trying all the different flavoured coffees), reading, museum exploring
What’s your favourite yoga pose? Happy Baby (makes me feel like a happy baby - carefree and relaxed haha)
What’s your favourite spot in Cambridge and why? This one road that passes by a big field on the way to the University Sports Centre from my college, I love the views of the sky and clouds on a nice day



Subject/College: Psychology/King’s
Role within SMC: Publicity and Social Media Officer
Other societies: Cambridge Impronauts, Student Community Action
Hobbies/Passions/Interests: art, listening to music (especially Taylor Swift), going to aesthetic coffee shops, Netflix
What’s your favourite yoga pose? Shoulder stand
What’s your favourite spot in Cambridge and why? Indigo Cafe on St Edward’s Passage because it’s incredibly cozy



Subject/College: Architecture/Robinson
Role within SMC: Creative Officer - making hand drawn illustrations to advertise all of our events on social media
Other societies: Tai Chi and Kung Fu (!), ArcSoc, planning to join Hare and Hounds EZ Runners but am waiting for my running pace to miraculously improve
Hobbies/Passions/Interests: Drawing, Making presents for friends, Running, Tennis, Tea-Drinking, Reading historical fiction, Netflix, Travelling
What’s your favourite yoga pose? Shavasana (a.k.a. The bit at the end where you get to nap)
What’s your favourite spot in Cambridge and why? The boardwalk over the pond on the way to the University Gym (under the West Cafe) - a quiet place to sit and watch nature


Press & Blog

Subject/College: PBS/Wolfson
Role within SMC: Blog & Press Officer. I am really excited to be taking on this role because it means we can continue to share a range of insights and experiences around mental health to other students! Hopefully we will be able to interview some names in the mental health publicity world, as well as having our own students write about mental health from various perspectives!
Other societies: Psychology Society, Cambridge Social Ecology Soc, Gardening Society, College Welfare Rep
Hobbies/Passions/Interests: Absolutely love vegan cooking, educational/crime documentaries, positive psychology, van conversions
What’s your favourite yoga pose? Malasana/ Yogi Squat - (I actually searched for hours for my fave position because it clicks a really amazing spot in my back every time but apparently it doesn’t exist as a real pose so that’s worrying) but Yogi Squat is also a favourite - it’s like a miniature human seat.
What’s your favourite spot in Cambridge and why? GRANTCHESTER! By the river, in the river or sat outside at the Blue Ball Inn pub in Grantchester… So beautiful, peaceful and calm amongst the chaos of Cam! I’d live there if I wasn’t a poor student :)


College Reps

Subject/College: Theology/Newnham
Other societies: Disabled Students Campaign committee member, also JCR academic and disabilities officer and volunteer for streetbite
Hobbies/Passions/Interests: Calligraphy, long walks with my dog (who is actually really lazy so prefers short walks), cups of tea and watering my many plant babies
What’s your favourite yoga pose? Balasana (Child’s pose, lol gotta get that sweet sweet rest)
What’s your favourite spot in Cambridge and why? Newnham Gardens- the perfect place to sit outside with a book and feel like you aren’t in Cambridge- it’s open to everyone and you’re allowed to walk on the grass, which pretty much sums up the coolness of Newn in one sentence!



Subject/College: Computer Science/Jesus
Other societies: Infrastructure Officer for Jesus May Ball 2020, Head of Logistics for Hack Cambridge
Hobbies/Passions/Interests: Coffee
What’s your favourite yoga pose? The only thing I remember from Wii Fit is the Tree...
What’s your favourite spot in Cambridge and why? The river by Midsummer Common - the perfect place for being grateful that you're not a rower.