Just like no two minds are exactly alike, no two experiences of mental health are the same.

The #BeingMeMeans campaign aims to shed a spotlight on how mental health affects all of us in complex, unique and ever-changing ways, depending on our personal identity and circumstances. Through photo campaigns, themed weeks and social media posts, the BeingMeMeans campaign emphasises that ‘Being Me’ means different things to all of us, and recognises the importance of taking these differences into account when talking about mental health.

lgbt+ week

This week focused on the intersection between gender identity, sexuality and mental health.

Gender and sexual diversity can affect our mental health in complex ways. In terms of gender, non-cis people face the daily struggle of affirming their identity in the public eye. Those who are not straight similarly struggle with living in a world that does not automatically represent them. So many different experiences are encompassed by the LGBT+ umbrella, and our focus on LGBT+ people aims to highlight this diversity.

bme week

This week focused on the intersection between race and mental health.

In Cambridge, BME students struggle with being hypervisible, invisible and homogenised all at once. Submissions from students explored the nuances of mixed race identity, daily microaggressions, and more, all whilst addressing the wider problem of silenced voices in communities of colour.