about us.

SMC is a student-led charity group aiming to raise awareness of mental health issues at Cambridge University.

We aim to do this by improving university provisions for those suffering from mental health issues to make Cambridge as stress-free an environment as possible. Our goal is to form a bridge between students and the university in an effort to improve welfare with a focus on mental health. It is completely normal to talk about mental health.

We carry out our work through a large variety of actions, from hosting fresher talks to organizing formals and arts-and-crafts events. Our wish is for university to be a place where everyone can relax, have fun and learn. We regularly meet with university staff to help implement policies helpful both to students who actively identify as suffering from a mental health problem and those that do not.

We believe our work is important because it is not unusual to experience a mental health problem. Today, 1 in 4 students are diagnosed with a mental health issue, from anxiety to an eating disorder. An even greater number continue undiagnosed. If you do find yourself in a situation, know that you are not alone and there are various avenues for help . We are one of them.

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We regularly post on social media in an effort to educate and inform.

You can contact us via any of the methods by clicking on the buttons below. We use our social media platforms to talk about a range of issues, and to showcase people’s personal experiences with mental health. This helps to start conversations and make mental health more widely discussed. We soon hope to launch a new video series.